Road Transport


In the truck transportation, the company has achieved a quality standard controlling all the phases of the shipment, from the withdrawal till the delivery of the goods. The operative head office holds a continuous contact with its drivers offering information and transport assistance.

TRANSPEDMUKA. A is specialized in the consolidation of the group shipments; gathers, stores and selects the loads, the transfer service and delivery “ DOOR TO DOOR”, with personalized delivery also for the small clients. 
The fleet of the vehicles is composed from a great fleet of camions owned 30 road tractors and 50 trailers, like 10 frigo trailers, normal one, flat and containers one, tank and exceptional trailers, which are able to offer specific services for the transport of every goods.

To achieve this capacity grade TRANSPEDMUKA.A uses a net of foreign correspondents as : STRAMMIELLO TRASPORTI srl Bari; METELLA TRASPORTI srl Parma; S. I. TRA srl Bari, TERGESTEA srl Trieste, BONATESTA TRASPORTI srl Brindisi; ecc, approaching the company with the international clients and also providing the observance of the delivery programs.

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